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Bilbow and variant Bilboa Branch History

Picture: Proff Fred Bilboa 1867-1931, courtesy of Colin Bilboa

Nearly all the BILBOWs and BILBOAs in the UK, Australia and Canada (about 300) descend from one branch starting with Thomas BILBOW, born in Middlesex 1798. Thomas was a shoemaker, some of his descendants were builders. The origin of this branch is at this time unclear. Ongoing research aims to see if there is any connection between Thomas Bilbow and the Bilbows of Norwich and/or York, dating back to 1560. One proven variant of the Bilbow Branch in the UK is Bilboa.

The BILBOA Branch in the UK appears around 1870 as Robert Bilbow and his 1st son stay with the spelling Bilbow, while his wife Martha and all their other children start using the variant Bilboa.
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Bilbow main branch starting in London from 1750

Bilboa (proven variant of Bilbow) Branch around London and then Lincoln from 1871

Herbert Alfred Bilbow emmigrated to US 1906 married Clara Cummins abt 1916

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